8 November

Tarz's Last.fm Weekly Artists Chart

aggravating sophie, attacking children, badfic, black books, blue oceans collide, bob saget in pvc, boys who make out, brendan fehr's crotch, buffy the vampire slayer, busted, c21, cambodian midget fighting league, can you feel me?!, coke zero, crack math, danny jones, danny's disco, dave eating babies, dave's accent, dougie poynter, eddie izzard, eddie would go, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, falsifying statistics, fatty's got a pineapple, force monkeys, foreword, gay pirates, gay popstars, gay wizards, gaybos desperado, getting naked with westlife, gilmore girls, guest house paradiso, harry judd, harry's drumsticks, harry's mu-lay, hot brothers who fuck, house, house/wilson, interstellar backstreet boys, james bourne, jared fucking padalecki, jensen/christian, john sheppard's magic penis, kane, karl pilkington, kian's floppy hair, korn, leather pants have mercy, less-than-cock, major major lorne of the dance, mall monkeys, matt willis, mcfly, mckay/sheppard, metallica, muse, new zealand comedy, nirvana, not tom's anorexia, penny arcade, popcrack, popjustice, popworld, potter_mouth, poynterjudd, princess diaries, pulp comedy, rage against the machine, randy giles, ratchet & clank, rich neville, ronon dex's monster cock, sam & mark, sam/dean, sean/nick, shane's sixty quid boots, shane/nicky, shitty fuckface, shnicky, shortland street, simon amstell, span makes life win, supernatural, the breakfast club, the forsaken, the ricky gervais show, the two fatties, unexpected broccoli, vampire hunters in love, vanilla coke, virgin hi-fives, wb rps, westlife makes me pee, wincest, zox